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The Swedish Institute Management programme is a unique programme for managers from Africa, Europe and Asia. The programme offers a combination of theory and practice, including advanced business-related problem-solving, seminars and meetings with prominent experts in the commercial, political and cultural fields, as well as company visits.

The programme comprises of three weeks of intensive work spread over approximately four months, allowing the participants:

  • to understand the nature and business potential of Corporate Responsibility and to test Corporate Responsibility tools applicable to their own company
  • to widen their personal and professional network both in Sweden and in their home countries
  • to deepen their knowledge of modern international business and increase their cultural awareness

The aim of the programme is to build a network consisting of people interested in the process of promoting enhanced relations and business cooperation between Sweden, Africa, Europe and Asia.


Case Studies in Swedish trade and industry / Swedish public administration

Project assignment work through the course period

In-depth analysis of executive-level management, including cultural understanding

Long-term alumni network with follow-up activities


"The process of working with a real time situational model while developing skills and inculcating a team spirit in actual organisational challenge environments"

During the programme, the participant will work closely with management level in a Swedish company/public administration on real time case studies to understand how they are dealt with currently in the respective organisations and what best practices can be taken back. The programme is designed to uncover the advanced concepts and practical tools required for leaders to succeed in today's global world. The programme participants will work in diverse teams in order to engage different thoughts and experiences of the participants. The idea is to create hands on approach and an opportunity to apply your knowledge of management and corporate responsibility in other businesses/sectors


"The process of working with a real time situational model while developing skills and inculcating a team spirit in actual organisational challenge environments"

For the Participant For the Company
  • International network of companies and future top management
  • Access to the knowledge of top leaders in business and the public sector
  • Insights in corporate responsibility
  • Increased personal competitiveness on a global level
  • Management training, tools and contacts for personal development
  • An enlarged perspective on Corporate Responsibility through a world angle
  • Increased understanding of Corporate Responsibility and its linkages to business at a global level
  • Exclusive management training of key personnel
  • Exposure to business opportunities in other markets
  • Positive international exposure of the company brand

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The entire program fee is sponsored by the Swedish institute. Some cost for travel may accure. Please contact your program manager in the region for details.


Swedish Institute

Sharing Sweden with the world

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency that promotes interest in Sweden abroad. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through active communication and cultural, educational and scientific exchanges.

Relationships depend on communication

The Swedish Institute's work with Sweden's image and its activities in international development cooperation go hand in hand. The institute's overarching goal is to create mutual relationships with other countries around the world, whether the issue is culture, politics, trade, or development cooperation.

Relationships and exchanges contribute to development

- Both in Sweden and in their collaborative partners around the world.

- Through increased contacts and new networks, knowledge and innovative ideas can be shared and applied in the future to all areas, not least to trade, culture and politics. SI's collaboration with developing countries is an important part of this work.

Brief Facts on Swedish Institute

  • Putting Sweden on the map by using strategic communication
  • Creating intercultural relations through meetings, exchanges and the building of networks
  • Focus is on culture, society, education science and trade
  • Some 100 members of staff in Stockholm and Paris
  • The SI Board, which is appointed by the Government, comprises the Director General and representatives of various public sectors
  • Learn more about SI onwww.si.se


The Swedish Institutes operations are carried out in close cooperation with Swedish and Foreign partners

Business Sweden

We makes it easier for Swedish companies to grow Internationally
  • With thirty-five years’ experience of business development and with a constant presence in the world's most promising markets, Business Sweden are a dependable partner for all Swedish companies that wish to boost their business development.
  • Business Sweden essentially provide all services required to establish a company and its products, services or ideas in new markets. BS also help's to reinforce the image of Sweden as an attractive country to do business with. BS contributes in different ways to increase business contacts between Swedish and foreign companies. BS arranges bilateral events such as seminars, fairs, press-trips and match-making projects.
  • Business Sweden is a global organisation with over 500 employees in more than 50 countries.
  • http://www.business-sweden.se/


Our mission is to assist companies in becoming more successful by behaving in a more responsible way, thereby earning trust and reputation
  • Enact specialises in corporate responsibility and sustainable business development by supporting companies and organisations to become more successful by behaving in a more responsible way, turning responsibility and reputational challenges into true and lasting progress.
  • Enact has a diverse team of experts in responsibility and sustainability management and a wide international network.
  • Among their clients are large corporations such as Electrolux, AstraZeneca and Volvo Cars
  • www.enact.se